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Did you really Know the Home Before You Buy?

Did you really know what it would be like to live, rent, or invest in your current home?

Most people do not understand the various aspects that contribute to your overall long-term happiness, return on investment, and susceptibility of that purchase or lease agreement. Did you really know what would it be like to live, rent, or invest in your current residential or commercial property before you were there?

Did you understand what all of the statistics, databases, websites, records, and public resources meant in comparison to your family, investment, livelihood, and overall happiness? Have you ever experienced an unforeseen issue with the neighborhood you live in? The neighbors you live by? The condition and continuous maintenance to your new purchase? 

How about the information unobtainable from these sources that our company offers? There are thousands of examples -- Even when you thought you knew all you could, chances are you missed something. 


Nationwide Home Fax™ is targeted toward home buyers, renters, investors, real estate agents, property management companies, and private sellers. Our Home Fax™ Reports are a combination of a background check and preliminary home inspection for any residential or commercial property which help our client's Know the Home Before You Buy™.  

We target four major impact categories: Home, Homeowner, Neighborhood, and Community by incorporating unique, one-of-a-kind components, such as: Neighborhood Contacts, Real-Time Photographs, Pre-Inspection Analysis, and Videography and place each finding into Low, Medium, and High Impact Ratings.  

Our customizable Home Fax™ Reports are offered nationally on three separate flat-rate package levels: Basic, Enhanced, and In-Depth. Our packages comprehensively explain key components, findings, and observations regarding your prospective property purchase, helping you make an informed home buying decision…potentially saving you tens, thousands, or hundreds of thousands of dollars!!

Do you really know what it will be like to live, rent, or invest in your next home?

Know the Home Before You Buy™ with a Home Fax™ Report from www.NationwideHomeFax.com