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The Internet for Real Estate Home Buyers & Sellers

We all seem to have a different avenue and approach when it comes to buying a new home.  Not only is it a stressful time for anyone, but people commonly rely on similar approaches that, whether they realize it or not, pose future hindrances to making an informed decision and smart investment. 

Did you know that there is one common avenue that buyers and sellers use to assist in their real estate transaction?

#1: The Internet 

According to a 2010 report from the National Association of Realtors, 99% of buyers and sellers use the internet to assist in their transaction. As "the internet" is a pretty loaded source in-and-of-itself, that seems like a pretty logical answer, right? Most people trust and rely on popular internet sources and websites, because they're insightful and helpful.  However, when you start to think about all that's involved in purchasing or selling a home, you may start to think differently.

What if you were asked to rate how many unknown circumstances, repairs, maintenance issues or problems you have experienced since purchasing your new home using internet sources? Most people can immediately recall issues relative to an unforeseen issue. 


If you're having trouble recalling something that those popular internet databases missed, or maybe haven't purchased or sold a home of your own yet, consider the following: 

Have you ever experienced an unforeseen issue with the home, neighborhood, or community you live in? The neighbors you live by? The condition and continuous maintenance to your new purchase? How about a major repair that could have been avoided if only you were informed? Did you pay attention the condition of neighboring homes and understand how it affected your property's value?


The hidden factor that the seller never mentioned? What about the business near your home that produces hazardous chemicals, leading to health and safety risks for your family? The rock band next door that has band practice from 8PM-2AM every Friday and Saturday night? The violent sex offender who lived in your neighborhood, directly across from the bus stop where your child leaves for school? How about the permit that was pulled, suspended, and never completed on your home before you moved in?

There are thousands of more real, and unfortunate examples, and oftentimes one factor alone is not enough to determine what it would be like to live, rent, or invest in a particular property. Overall, popular online websites and sources include very little, if anything, that relates to your long-term happiness, investment, livelihood, safety, and well-being. Maybe you've realized this already, and wished you could know more about your potential home, but couldn't find this information from any other source.

Well, there is!

Nationwide Home Fax has introduced the newest concept to the real estate market for buyers, sellers, and agents.  Our Home Fax Reports help anyone make an informed decision, and smarter financial investment.  At Nationwide Home Fax, our Home Fax Reports target four major categories: Home, Homeowner, Neighborhood, and Community...all of the information that really matters for your purchase or sale! 


Some of our unique components include: Neighborhood Contacts, a Pre-Inspection Analysis, Real-Time Photographs, and Videography, to name a few. You can't get this information from a website or database, and it's targeted around the issues that are extremely common in a home transaction, but were unable to be obtained until now!

Although this is only a small amount of what we do, at Nationwide Home Fax we're committed to changing the world by helping you and anyone else make an informed home buying decision, and smarter financial investment! Don't wait, you can't afford to make another costly long-term investment!


Know the Home Before You Buy with one of three flat-rate, customizable Home Fax Report's from www.NationwideHomeFax.com!