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Innovation for the Real Estate Industry

Innovation for the Real Estate Industry

The national real estate market is a multi-billion dollar annual industry that has not experienced any significant change in recent time. At Nationwide Home Fax™, we believe we’ve found a better way to make home buying decisions easier and more convenient for consumers, while helping people avoid further financial debt from poor, uninformed real estate acquisition decisions. Even the largest existing real estate companies and websites only account for 1-3% of the total market share, leaving plenty of room for Nationwide Home Fax™ to make a splash.

It is a growing, well known fact that consumers and real estate professionals are seeking advantages over competition through new concepts in the real estate market.  Nationwide Home Fax™ is in the process of creating awareness to new concepts by educating consumers and professionals of the necessity and value of our services. 

Nationwide Home Fax™: Competitive Advantages

Nationwide Home Fax™ is provides personal home buying information services that help anyone Know the Home Before You Buy™. Our mission is for people to make informed home buying decisions, and smarter financial real estate investments, as our Home Fax™ Reports show anyone what it would be like to live, rent, or invest in any residential or commercial property prior to purchasing it. 

Although we are headquartered in Metro-Detroit, Michigan our Home Fax™ Report packages are available across the nation and are targeted towards real estate professionals, home buyers, home sellers, investors, renters, lending institutions, and more. Our vision is to provide a one-stop-shop solution to the consumer home buying and renting process, while indirectly creating and fostering a long-term culture of home-ownership accountability across the nation.  

Home Fax™ Reports: The Personal Side of Real Estate

A Home Fax™ Report is a flat-rate, customizable preliminary home inspection and comprehensive background check for any residential or commercial property, similar to a Car Fax report for motor vehicles. Our Pre-Inspection Analysis, Neighborhood Contacts, Real-Time Photographs, and Videography are a few of the unique, personal components included within our services that cannot be obtained from any other database, website, or real estate company. 

Each Basic, Enhanced, and In-Depth Home Fax™ Report package includes different components that are placed into four major impact categories: Home, Homeowner, Neighborhood, and Community. Our findings and observations for each specific component, through each major impact category, are then broken down into High, Medium, and Low Impact Ratings. 

The total results are placed into an Impact Graph, along with an Impact Category Breakdown, followed by a detailed explanation and analyzed process accompanied by figures, data, and other valuable information that is easy to understand. Home Fax™ Reports can be conveniently ordered online through our website, www.NationwideHomeFax.com, or through direct conventional means.

Giving Back to You & the Community

Nationwide Home Fax™’ has structured their package rates and profit structure to donate10% of all Home Fax™ Report sales to Habitat for Humanity, offer 10% referral bonuses to anyone, and an additional 5% bonus to any client who provides testimonial feedback for Nationwide Home Fax™ to publish. This profit structure allows us to positively impact communities in need, generate an informal sales team across the nation, and better improve our services and company based on consumer feedback.