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Creative Ways to Recycle, Reuse & Re-gift Old Household Items: Part 2

Creative Ways to Recycle, Reuse & Re-gift Old Household Items: Part 2

During Part 1 of Creative Ways to Recycle, Reuse & Re-gift Old Household Items we looked at ways to reuse an old door to make a coffee table. In Part 2 of this #ThanksGivingBack series we will look at how to turn that old entertainment center into a play kitchen for children. As many parents know, toy kitchens for your children are often quite expensive, but with a creative reuse of your old, dusty entertainment center, you can turn an expensive Christmas gift into a cheap, inexpensive play kitchen.

#2: Turn an Old Entertainment Center into a Play Kitchen 

1. As there are many different ways to design a play kitchen from variations of many different entertainment centers, we'll mainly focus on basic needs and steps to complete your project. Depending on which old entertainment center you choose to use, you will most likely need most of the following tools and tools and items to complete the recycle: 

  • Drill & Drill Bits 
  • Jigsaw 
  • Tape Measure 
  • Scissors
  • Paintbrush
  • Painters Tape
  • Sander (optional) 
  • Hot Glue Gun & Glue Sticks 
  • Primer 
  • Paint
  • Sandpaper 
  • Wood Screws (various sizes)
  • Finish Nails
  • Hinges
  • Metal or Plastic Hooks
  • Cabinet hardware 
  • Old faucet 
  • Metal mixing bowl (for sink) 
  • Rope
  • Plywood
  • Old small door for stove
Other (additional items):
  • Spring Curtain Rod 
  • Fabric or Dishtowel 
  • Picture frame (for window)
  • Additional Paint Colors
  • Stove Knobs
 2. Photograph your current entertainment center and plan out your project, including: fridge, freezer, stove top, oven, cabinet, and window placement.  

3. If you're entertainment center has an open back, measure the opening of the space from the back.  Cut a solid piece of plywood to size, apply primer, and let it dry before fastening to the back of the entertainment center.

4. Depending on your specific entertainment center, start preparation with the fridge and freezer using plywood and hinges. Sand, prime, and paint your fridge and freezer before fastening to the unit.  

5. Cut an over door to size using plywood.  Cut a hole using a jigsaw for the oven door window. For young children, consider using plastic wrap or a sheet of plastic by fastening to the back side of the oven door instead of using glass (for safety).  Sand, prime, and paint your oven door before fastening to the unit.  

6. Measure the makeshift counter top for placement of the sink and stove, and draw an outline for your sink by tracing the mixing bowl. Use a drill to start the hole, then a jigsaw to remove the circle portion of your counter top.  

7. Create the stovetop next but sanding, priming, and painting a small square section of plywood. Using wood screws, drill the stovetop into the cabinet. 

8. Fasten an old dishtowel to a spring curtain rod (if wanted) and hang it over the window (if wanted).

9. Using your rope, make tight circles (that resemble coils) for your stove top burners.  Use super glue to ensure coils stay tight and fasten to the dry stove top you previously created.

10. Next, add an old faucet and place it behind the kitchen sink. Different faucets will require different means of mounting.

11. Glue old stovetop knobs (if wanted) to the sides of your stovetop, and finish painting your cabinets and remaining tasks that you've planned out before starting your project!
Example 1

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