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Creative Ways to Recycle, Reuse & Re-gift Old Household Items: Part 1

Many homeowners do not see the possibilities for many household items that are outdated and no longer used, such as old doors, TV stands, and windows. Part 1 of this series will examine Creative Ways to Recycle, Reuse & Re-gift Old Household Items. Although there are many more possibilities than described in this two part series, we have highlighted some of the items that can be creatively re-purposed to meet your needs, save you money, and stand out from traditional items.

#1: Turn an Old Door Frame into a Coffee Table 

Old doors might not look like much sitting on the curb, awaiting the weekly trash, but these items can become creative modern coffee tables. Here's how to turn that old door frame into a coffee table, and a couple photos have been included below:

1. Depending on the look or style you want, start by either: 
a. Sanding down the old door frame and removing the old paint to prepare it for a fresh, clean look (see third image).  After sanding, prime the door and apply one or two coats of paint color. Allow time to dry. 

b. or Applying and spread wax on the door, with original paint, to give it a finished look (see second image) 

2. Attach the door to a frame 
Lay the door face down on a tarp or old cloth.  Center the coffee table frame on the back of the old door, or center on the sides of each corner depending on the look and style you want. Place holding clamps to stabilize the frame and door to ensure it rests properly centered or on each side. 

3. Attach the base to the door using L-Brackets on all four corners  
Purchase L-Brackets from your local dollar store, flea market, or off a clearance rack.

4. Optional: Add a Glass Top 
Take measurements of your coffee table and find an old glass top from other unused items, such as patio tables, coffee tables, or windows. Many times these items will be thrown away, or are able to be purchased cheaply at a flea market or local glass store.

If you want to add a glass top but cannot find the right fit, order a piece of tempered glass and lay it on the top of your table. If you have children, you may want to secure the glass to the top using epoxy or placing rubber stoppers on each of the four corners. 


Part 2 of Creative Ways to Recycle, Reuse & Re-gift Old Household Items will be available on Wed. Until then, check out www.NationwideHomeFax.com and see how our creative Home Fax Reports help you Know the Home Before You Buy.