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ThanksGivingBack at Nationwide Home Fax

Have you heard...Nationwide Home Fax has announced their ThanksGiving Back promotions in time for the holidays, including Home Fax Report discounts, free home inspections, and additional discounts for Michigan residents affected by the August 2014 floods.  

ThanksGivingBack at Nationwide Home Fax

It’s ThanksGivingBack at Nationwide Home Fax, all about helping the community and giving back. “The ability to create awareness and place a personal touch on informed home buying and renting decisions is just as important as giving back to the community, our clients, and our referrers” said Tony Flagg, co-founder of Nationwide Home Fax.  Although their profit structure is unorthodox, it’s framed with a purpose. Nationwide Home Fax already donates 10% of every Home Fax Report sale to Habitat for Humanity, a non-profit organization that helps people become homeowners, and offers 10% referral bonuses to anyone, as well as 5% feedback bonuses to their clients. 

In addition to giving back up to 25% of every sale, Nationwide Home Fax has informed the public about their #ThanksGiving Back promotions, currently running through December 1st, including: 

  •         $40 off any Home Fax Report package in Michigan
  •         FREE Home Inspection in Oakland or Macomb County with the purchase of an In-Depth Home Fax Report
  •          20% off any Home Fax Report package for homeowners in Oakland, Macomb, or Wayne County that were affected by the August 2014 floods. (Offer cannot be combined with either of the above promotions)

Until now, the majority of consumers have failed to identify and understand critical factors when purchasing or leasing a home that affect their well-being, safety, happiness, and long-term investment. Nationwide Home Fax provides a personal touch to real estate information services by the means of their Home Fax Reports, a background check and preliminary home inspection report for any property.  Unique elements gathered in person, such as Neighborhood Contacts, a Pre-Inspection Analysis, and Real-Time Photographs, target four major Home Fax Report categories: Home, Homeowner, Neighborhood, and Community. 

Findings and observations are then analyzed and graphed into Low, Medium, and High Impact Ratings to help anyone Know the Home Before You Buy. “We have a distinct vision to educate people and create awareness, a driven mission to help people make smarter financial investments, and a personal responsibility to positively impact communities and people in need” said Kim Zimmerman, the second co-founder of Nationwide Home Fax. 

In addition, as the rental market continues to expand, Nationwide Home Fax has also informed renters that it will soon offer a condensed version of their Home Fax Report service at a lower cost. Future details have yet to be announced but stay tuned and details will be announced shortly. Until then... www.NationwideHomeFax.com