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It's a Win-Win-Win for #ThanksGivingBack at Nationwide Home Fax

Nationwide Home Fax is a national real estate information service, and Christian based organization, headquartered minutes from Detroit, MI. Our services provide a new concept to the real estate market, targeted toward real estate consumers, professionals, and more.  Our goal is to help each and every home buyer, renter, or investor Know the Home Before You Buy.   

Our Home Fax Reports are essentially a background check and preliminary home inspection for any residential or commercial property.  We research, analyze, and summarize the findings of our four major impact categories: Home, Homeowner, Neighborhood, and Community and place each finding into High, Medium, and Low Impact Ratings to show you what it would be like to live, rent, or invest in any particular residential or commercial property prior to purchasing or leasing.

10% of every gross sale is donated to Habitat for Humanity
As you can probably imagine, the findings of our research are more beneficial toward middle and upper-income neighborhoods, thus leaving unwanted negative impacts on the underprivileged communities that already suffer from economic and social disparities.  As our intentions are to positively impact these communities, we have structured our business and package rates to tithe a 10% donation of every single Home Fax Report sale, for the life of our company, to Habitat for Humanity.

Are you a person made for sales commissions? Do you ever want to make some extra cash? Do you know anyone that’s moved, bought a property, rented, invested, or entered into a new lease agreement recently?  How about a real estate agent, broker, inspector, or ANYONE else who may be affiliated with the real estate market? 

Chances are you do – and you’re in luck!  We offer YOU a 10% referral bonus, the same donation we make to Habitat for Humanity! Every time, no matter how many referrals you generate! No catch. That’s $20 - $80 in your own pocket, your pocket, for just talking!

How does it work?

  • When a new client hears about us from you, the referrer, and lists you on the ‘Referral’ section of the completed sales agreement, they provide a few basic details about you (that are NEVER shared with anyone else, and strictly used to issue your bonus check and validate your identity), including: your referral number only or your name, address, and phone number if you do not have a referral number.
  • After a client purchases a Home Fax Report online or directly through our company, we contact and notify you that you had been listed on the referral section, verify your information, and mail you your bonus -- $20 to $80! 
  • Cash your check, do it again!

After reading about the donation to Habitat for Humanity and the Referral Bonus, you were probably wondering what else was in store for you…

As our client, if you provide us with a completed testimonial feedback form (which is provided to you along with the sales agreement) of your experience and allow us to publish it as a testimonial, we will provide an additional 5% gross sale bonus to the client as long as the form is received within 10 days of issuing the report. 

Although our company is for profit and our concept may seem irregular, we truly understand the need to give back.  Help us change the world, one Home Fax Report at a time! Check out www.NationwideHomeFax.com today to order your Home Fax Report, get your referral number, or find out more information.