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Cost Effective & Impactful Home Improvement Tasks - Part 1 of 2


Home improvement tasks are one of the more unpleasant tasks for homeowners, especially those which arise unexpectedly and cause stress on your pocket book. 

Sometimes these issues arise from unawareness prior to purchasing the home, while some issues may have been prevented if the homeowner would have proactively corrected short term issues which lead to long term problems. 

In Part 1 of this 2 Part Home Improvement Series, we will look at do-it-yourself ways to effectively maintain current and future home improvement tasks: 

Downspout Extensions & Drainage Systems: 

A downspout is a pipe that carries rainwater from the gutters of a home to ground level, eventually leading into a drain.  A proper downspout drainage system and downspout extensions are important because water will always attempt to find a ground source as it's carried downward with the flow of gravity from the roof.

Without solid downspouts, and 5' extensions, water tends to filter directly into the foundation of the home and structure, posing serious long-term problems and financial burdens. As the standing water sinks into the base of the foundation, soil is expanded and pushed against the foundation which can cause it to crack, sink, stress, and erode the properties structure.

In addition, water can eventually create leaks in your basement or crawl space, mold and mildew in your siding and basement, as well as many other problems. Downspout piping, elbows, and extensions are extremely inexpensive, and can help save you long-term burden and dollars. 

Basic Downspout & Drainage System Checklist: 
  • Make sure the top of the downspout drainage system is properly secured to the roof. Look for any separations, cracks, leaks, or holes that allow water to find another unwanted path to the ground. 
  • Check for any cracks, holes, or missing pieces through each section of your downspout by following the downspout pipe from the roof and gutters. 
  • Ensure that 5' downspout extensions are added to the bottom of your downspout.  If the downspout does not have an extension, it is directing water into your foundation, posing serious long-term problems. 
  • Check the grading and landscaping near your foundation, making sure your 5' downspout extension is directed away from your home and foundation.  The goal is to direct the water on another path that flows down and away from your structure. Sometimes this requires an elbow piece or longer extension. 
  • Remove splash-plates; frankly they are useless.  If you don't believe it, watch how your splash plates work to direct water away from your house after moving it's way through the downspout.  With a proper 5' extension, splash plates serve virtually no purpose, and your money is better well spent on making sure your downspout drainage system is in good working condition, directing water away from your foundation and structure.   
  • Downspout drainage systems are just one component included through a Home Fax Report from Nationwide Home Fax. Included below is a good downspout example, as well as a poor example. 

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