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Home Fax Reports for Real Estate Experts

After speaking with multiple real estate agents, we have been asked to incorporate an additional service, ‘Home Fax Approved’ property reports.  A ‘Home Fax Approved’ report would be primarily conducted for real estate agents and private sellers, as well as insurance companies, lenders, or anyone who may have a vested interest in the property listing and want to provide peace of mind to potential buyers, enhance the appeal and value of a property, and market their homes more sufficiently!  

Nationwide Home Fax understands the importance, necessity, and value of quality real estate agents through the process of home buying transactions.  We also believe that information obtained from many popular public websites have negatively impacted this long-standing awareness and understanding. These resources have produced inflated self-confidence, on the part of the buyer, which has in turn created a lack of informed understanding for ‘Know the Home Before You Buy’.  Although our services are targeted towards home buyers, renters, and investors, we also intend to strengthen the relationship between ourselves and quality real estate agents -- enhancing public understanding of their importance, as well as how the necessary benefits of Nationwide Home Fax’ services create informed home buying decisions for our clients.

Nationwide Home Fax currently offers three flat rate Home Fax Report packages. A Home Fax Report is essentially a background check and pre-inspection for any residential or commercial property, including unique twists, such as direct contact with neighbors and the community, that help our client’s ‘Know the Home Before You Buy’.  We strive to help our clients make smarter informed home buying decisions by answering the most critical questions to the largest investment most people will make: What would it be like to live, rent, or invest in any prospective property? 

Although relative to one another, at first glance one might ponder whether or not our services actually benefit real estate agents.  A traditional home inspection is a touchy process, and sometimes very influential in the entire outcome of a transaction, as home inspectors can have a significant contribution of what happens following the inspection. There are two points to consider when it comes to a home inspector’s position in the process: they cannot control the condition of the home, but they can control how the message is communicated, delivered, and perceived.  Just as a good home inspector understands the importance of properly explaining minor to critical observations, so too does Nationwide Home Fax.   

Check out www.NationwideHomeFax.com today and see how we can assist your marketing needs for any prospective listing!